Up Next!

Hey all!

Been putting in work! If you’re an actor as well, I hope you are too and seeing that hard work pay off! If not yet, then it will be soon! I’ve been really trying to manifest that kind of energy lately and it feels great to be putting in work and allowing that to give you the opportunities to be making really cool awesome art! I have had some awesome auditions lately and fingers crossed that my hard work will pay off! Anyway, I booked my first film as a lead, which hasn’t happened in a few years! It’s a short film and we have a rehearsal tonight and start filming on Friday! Woo! I can’t wait to get back on screen. I love stage work! It’s super fundamental to our art form. It is nice to switch gears though and have a small break to do something a little different. Super excited to share this piece once it’s complete! Until next time!

Light and Love,