Up Next!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a great 2019 so far!

I started out the year at Pride Films & Plays, as a performer in their LezSing Cabaret! It was a fun night full of laughs and music and lady love! I’m not a lesbian, but I was invited to perform and it was great being surrounded by so many talented women having a great time doing art we love that matters to us. My talented good friend Michael Kurowski performed Electric Lady by Janelle Monae with me. He played guitar and sang a few vocals and we had an awesome time doing it! You can check out more of his awesomeness here! Today also happens to be his birthday, so if you know him, shoot him a birthday wish!

Additionally to LezSing, I’ve been in rehearsals at another one of my dream work places, Raven Theatre, for Aesop’s Fables! It’s an awesome fun show as a part of their TYA program, and I’m super excited!

I start rehearsals tomorrow for another fun project, under the direction of a dear friend of mine, so more on that soon, once it’s officially announced to the public.

Other than that, lots of great auditions at great places, VO audiobook work, and spending time with Colin, our friends and family, and our pet mini poodle Nell.

Until next time!

Love and Light,